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In 2003, the founder of To Petersburg With Love, Mr. Edward Thompson wanted to have a bouquet of flowers delivered to a young lady in St. Petersburg Russia. He had tried several gift delivery services and had not been happy with the freshness of the items delivered. Also, big international delivery services were not only prohibitively expensive but also did not offer a personalized service. Mr. Edward Thompson at that time lived between Russia and the U.K. and he needed a reliable gift delivery service and so did his friends and relatives. With this in mind, Mr. Edward Thompson began making enquiries as to how he could set up such a service. Over the past 15 years, Mr. Edward Thompson, connecting with friends and associates have built up a gift delivery network in St Petersburg which is cost-effective, reliable, and very personalized. Because you will see that if you use To Petersburg With Love you will get that added touch of a courteous, Russian-speaking delivery agent who realizes that making a good impression counts because he or she represents you. We offer same-day flower and gift delivery in St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg region. We have our own bricks-and-mortar flower shop on Odoevskogo ulitsa (Metro Station Primorskaya) and we’ll be happy to take your orders at our shop anytime. Our shop is open 24 hours a day so if you’re in St. Petersburg you can come over to us anytime that suits you. Our website is hosted in the UK and we process orders in the most secure environment possible (256 ssl-encryption hosted by GeoTrust, a world leader in encryption technologies). When you place an order with us, all we receive is your name, email address, amount of purchase, and shipping information. So with us you not only get truly personalised service and a secure ordering facility but also great value for money!! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us!